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What is The Cobra Den?
The Cobra Den was a bar/den/hangout on the 1st floor of the barracks of the the 6922nd Security Wing/Group, U.S. Air Force Security Service, USAFSS, located at Clark AFB, Republic of the Philippines, circa 1960's-1970's
A "New" and "Improved"
AN/FLR-9 HFDF Antenna

(Above) - The AN/FLR-9 at Clark as it appears today after being "refurbished". Hats off to the ever resourceful Filipinos, first they turned jeeps into a major transportation resource, now they've converted an antenna into a "laser light show" stadium"
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Back then
This site is for anyone who: worked rotating shifts, worked mids with a hangover or hung out in bars where the flies were only outnumbered by the bargirls.

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