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Terry Thompson

At work

Terry's e-mail address is:

Currently residing in North Wales, Pa

Assignments (292):

December, 1965-January, 1966, Basic Training, Lackland AFB. Where this northern boy from Philly saw grits for the first time and I still don't get it. What the hell is it?

January, 1966-August, 1966 Keesler AFB, Mississippi Tech School, Non-morse preparatory, and then the ditty boppin blues with Tsgt. Gene Swearigin and A1C Bigalow. Went to school from 12 noon until 6:00PM. Had the rest of the night to go to town with Seely, Stromski and others who have long faded from memory. The booze was cheap and the beach was only two blocks away. I liked the Air Force!

August, 1966-Your going to RAF Chicksands boy, get your bowler. Aug, 1966- And then they put it in writing. I'm going where?, There must be some mistake, I supposed to go to England! "Shut up boy, there's a war going on, roll up that sleve and get your plague shot". Where and what is a Phillippines? I liked the Air Force less, they lied.

August, 1966-March, 1968-6922nd Scty Wing, Cobras! Dittypopper, HFDF operator, townrat, going to Manila with Borg, Tebbits, Minor, Boscamp. Drinking in the den and eating the dogs and peanut butter sandwichs, playing endless games of shuffle board. Exploring the bat caves on Lily Hill with Randy "moonhead" Seely and Mike Wilks. Going to the beaches and the blue water, I was in heaven, plus I really liked my job!

March, 1968, Alas, got orders, tried to extend, no dice, back to the states and out of Command. Thats the part that hurt!Sent to Andrews AFB, but wait, only a few miles from Ft. Meade where Borg and Blything were, this might be pretty good. It was, Laurel, Md has some of the finest looking women! NSA, party capital of the world, no one talked work, so only thing left was sex!

February, 1969-Since I did not want to re-enlist, out I went on a 10 month early out, had a chance to go back to USAFSS but didnt take it. Probably should have.

September, 1969 started college, Montgomery County College, $130 a month GI bill, bartending, landscaping, doing all the things college people do. Planned to be a teacher, CIA recruitied me, said no thanks, (my hippie days, lasted about 3 months). No teaching jobs, the guys that didn't go into service went to school and got the jobs. Worked in construction, hated it, as I am mechanically challenged. Took a police exam for the heck of it and passed.

February, 1975, Upper Dublin Township Police Department, Pa, 4 miles northwest of Philly, started as a patrolman, rose through the ranks, became Chief of Police in July of 1991. During that time married a wonderful woman, raised three kids, 2 boys and a girl (they are different). When I made Chief, they took the shotgun out of my trunk and replaced it with golf clubs. I got the message!