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Bob Proper

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Bob's (Spanky) address is">

Currently living in the United States

A brief history of an airman called Spanky. 292X2
Prior to the AF I spent 2 years trying to be a college student at Aurora College.

Lackland - Nov, 1967 to March 1968
Keesler - April 68 to Nov 68
6927th Onna Point Okinawa - Charlie Flt , Nov 68 to May 70
6922nd - Baker Flt, May 70 to July 71

I was an X2 at Onna Point working myself into DF. My favorite stops in town were the Boston Club and the Green Glass. Some of my favorite times were parties after 2nd shift, we had on the beach by our road and looking at that "sky" . The intramural football games were great too. If I remember, Charlie Flt kicked some serious butt those years.

The PI was all together different. I worked DF there right from the start. I did much to much drinking and other stuff to remember the good times. I do remember going to Manila with Bubbles Daniels and driving though a flood after a typhoon. I think when water gets over the seats it is classified a flood.

After the PI/USAFSS I got a job as a bartender (like you Ron), but eventually got a job with a railroad. I am a communication engineer now and enjoy it very much.

Married in 73 to Joyce with children Kari 18, (U of I) Bryan 15, and Kevin 13. I am currently coaching football for Jr high kids (we are undefeated, thank you) and I also coach basketball and baseball.

Thanks to all who have worked on the Cobra home page. I look forward to hearing from my old buddies from the PI or The Rock. MW SK