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Nelson Carpenter

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Nelson's e-mail address is:

Currently living in Omaha, Nebraska

USAF Assignments as 202 dash 1:

Lackland AFB, TX - 1967-67

Goodfellow AFB, TX - 1967-68

6922 SW Able Flt, PI - 1968-69

6922 SW Det 1 Able Flt - 1968

Osan AFB, Korea - 1968

6987 SG Dawg Flt, Shulinkou, Taiwan - 1969-71

I was a military brat - dad was a Marine officer. Learned/sang the Marine Corps hymn at Parris Island grade school on mornings. (really!) Lived/snorkeled on Guam prior to Offutt AFB, Nebraska where graduated high school 1965. Did two semesters of college - numb to Vietnam and the draft (not beer). Drafted in 1967; found AF recruiter who let me in. Wanted intel photo interpretation school; got radio intercept analysis school. Thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years, 8 months, 10 days, 11 hours in USAFSS .

Dawg Flight (circa 1970) of 6987th SG at Shulinkou AS, Taipei, Taiwan has an active alumni roster of 45 plus. We are close even today; held four Dawg Flight reunions with good attendance and very good friendships.

Back in "the world", it was finally a return to school in 1973; graduating from University of Nebraska 1975. Hired by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers right out of school as a Water Resources Planner. Been there since; currently a program and project manager for studies, design, and the construction of flood control projects within eight state district. Participated in Midwest Flood of 1993; I directed flood fighting activities of National Guard troops and several Guard helicopters in Missouri. Including AF time, need 4 years for 30 years Federal govt.

Married with three daughters. My wife, Colette, is native of Mason City, Iowa. Oldest girl a senior who will enroll at University of Iowa next year.

My interests include flying, flying, and maintaining my Montero. Have had pilot's license since 1973; many hours in Cessnas, usually 172. Done sailplanes. Taken up sailing boats. Have a Chrysler racing boat that we take to in-laws' lake in Minnesota summers. Yes, Nebraska has lakes. Enjoy Nebraska Cornhusker football and taking National Championships. I welcome hearing from others in my past (even if they were X1s). If you don't know me, just kidding - really.