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Mark Conner

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Currently living in Lebanon Illinios, about 5 miles north of Scott AFB

USAF Assignments.
6922nd SW, Clark AFB, 1968-1969
Baker Flight

Mark E. Conner (or "Conroy" as I was known in my Skivvy Nine Days). Ex-202 then AF Broadcaster.

Enlisted in USAF Aug 1967. Finished Radio Intercept Analysis Tech School at Goodbuddy in Spring of 1968 and joing the entire class in a group assignment to 6922nd Scty Wg, Clark AB, PI...13 of us in all.

Jun 68 - Dec 69 - Went on Baker Flight and was chained to a MOD-28 poking Elfairs...myself and four others were "volunteered" to deploy to Osan Korea as part of Combat Fox - the relief crew for the Pueblo capture incident. Spent 179 days in Osan/Chicol Ville before returning to the PI to complete the tour. John "JJ" Johnson and I were regular Angeles City runners. Spent many an overnight at the Little Brown Jug. Later became a regular on Fields Avenue...especially the small alley behind Johnny's Grocery affectionately known as "Pig Alley". Lots of good "pre-martial law" adventures!

Feb 70-Sep 71 - Back to 6903rd, this time PCS. Best assignment in my 30-year career...Check out the Skivvy Nine Homepage for additional info (including photos - the "group photo" on that homepage was commissioned by yours truly who appears among the crowd). Extended for a few months and enjoyed my time as the Able Flight Animals Advisory Support Analyst until I got sucked into the Day Lady A&W job. Got out of "the war" in Sep 71, but not for long:

Dec 71-Flew to Goodbuddy and signed back up. Put in for return to Korea..and in Feb 72 got my wish. Returned to same unit, same job (hell, same desk!) almost 5 months to the day after my departure for civilian life. In 1974 saw my chance to get into the career field I had originally wanted, AF Broadcasting. Was accepted for retraining and left USAFSS for good in Mar 1975. Made my yobo of 3 years my legal bride (divorced in '96 after 24 years..) and returned to CONUS for Broadcasting school.

Wanted to return to Korea as a broadcaster, but as luck would have it, the Philippines (Armed Forces Philippines Network) needed my services more, and in Aug 1975 I returned to the PI, this time as a Radio/Television Announcer. Turned my 24-month PCS into a nearly 10-year stay. After extending a couple times at Clark, PCS'd all the way to Subic Bay in Jan 81, and stayed there another 3 years. Finally left the PI for good in Feb 1984.

1984-1985 - was Command Broadcaster for Air Force Communication Command, at Scott AFB.

1985-1986 - Took a remote (anything to get out of Scott) to Comiso, Sicily to set up Radio and Telvision service at that new base. Belive it or not, I had orders BACK to Clark...but as luck would have it, I made E-8 at Comiso, and my follow on to the PI was canceled. Looking back it's probably just as well -- I probably would not have survived another tour. Instead, I wound up in Misawa Japan.

1986-1991 - Ran the station at Misawa. Made E9 and was asked to come back to the states.

1991-1992 - Served as Chief of Broadcasting for Air Force Broadcasting Service, Kelly AFB Tx. After being overseas so long, quickly realized the US of A was just not the place to be. Volunteered for Desert Storm to get away - probably one of the dumbest things I did in my career. Arrived in Saudio the night the war started. Spent 6 months in Saudi with regular visits around the country, including Kuwait and one sojourn into Iraq. Returned to Kelly but talked my way back overseas in Feb 1992.

Feb 1992 till Jun 1997 - Was Chief of Broadcasting for FEN (Air Force Pacific Broacasting Sq). Got to visit Clark two days before they closed the place for good following Pinatubo....a very sad sight indeed. I think there were a total of 5 bars left open in the entire town...all of them along perimeter road.

Retired 1 Sept - a couple weeks why of 30 years (over 25 years overseas, more than 10 in the PI, 5 1/2 in Korea and over 9 in Japan) -- been there, done that! Remarried in Jun this year. Am now attending school living near Scott AFB - spouse is active duty broadcaster working in Air Mobility Command PA shop.

Any old PI folks might get a kick out of the Angeles City Web It sure ain't the Angeles of old!

Mark "Conroy" Conner best e-mail for me is: