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Ron McMasters

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Currently stationed in Okinawa

USAF Assignments - 203X0 - Voice Supervisor - 1973-1984

Won the lotto in '72 with a draft number of 76 out of 80 picked.

1973-1976 - Enlisted in the Air Force to avoid pounding ground. Went through Basic in Jan '73, peace accords signed same time. I was safe. They asked me if I wanted to be a linguist, I said "sure". Asked for Spanish, French, or German (Hell, I'd lived in Ohio all my life...was there any other language?). They offered Russian. Said "Great!" I could work in the U.N. after I got out (naive to the Nth degree). So, in typical Air Force style, they sent me to language school to be a North Vietnamese linguist. Did that, did Goodfellow and all the survival schools, including the last jungle survival school at Clark AB, PI.

Then off to wonderful NKP Thailand, 6908th SS (my best tour in my entire career). First a girlfriend. Second mistake...kept her (these mistakes would be repeated throughout my career). Loved the job, loved downtown more. Thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the P.S. beer bar watching Thakek, Laos being mortered throughout the night, and communist Mi-8 helicopters flying along the Mekong. Loved the food...hated leaving...base was closing. But they sent me back for Intermediate Viet, trying to save me from myself, as I wanted to get married. Attempt unsuccessful.

1976 - Went to Taiwan in '76, 6987th SS. Only lasted 7 months because they shut it down. This was becoming a bad habit wherever I went.

1977 - Went to Okinawa in Jan, at the 6990th, flew 212 missions, trained Navy spooks in P-3s, they let me fly their airplane, did the Pig in the Mud mission of August 17th, 0715 local, 1979 at Clark Air Base,, I was not the pilot of that one. Learned the ins and outs of typhoon evacs to the PI. Was the Aircrew Evaluator, and flight trainer. I evaluated my own training and it was always good. Learned to scuba dive,...became an instructor. Hated to leave, but the Thai girlfriend/wife/soon-to-be ex-wife had to go. Took the kids to the 6922nd ESS, Clark AB, PI.

First mistake...found a girlfriend. Second mistake...kept her (San Miguel must have clouded what few brain cells that remained functional). Learned to fly my license in '84. Loved the job...Baker Flight Voice Supervisor. Made TSgt, but strange things began happening (they always seemed to happen to me). Reported possible fraud to OSI, somehow lost my clearance. Problem solved, cleared of any involvement, clearance back, returned to work...OSI unhappy about not getting the kill. Next year, another problem in Scuba club, OSI smells blood, her they come. Investigation again, lose clearance again. Walker Navy spy case breaks, and my clearance is lost forever. Vindicated by Washington D.C. one year later, albeit too late to return to job.

1985 - Next stop, commissary business, George AFB, California. New job, new attitude, MSgt first time, then lots of awards. Life is good. Bought a house, they said we'd never leave. 5 days after the loan closed, I get orders back to Okinawa. more house.

Reassigned to Okinawa as a Commissary Management Specialist (this isn't rocket science, you know). Had to leave Oki this time because of wife's propensity to gravitate towards my friend's bedroom. Reassigned to Sheppard AFB, Texas, made SMSgt, then off to Seoul, Korea for almost three years. Made CMSgt. Dumped wife, took kid back to Okinawa for a third time (slow learner). Now in 18th Services Squadron as Chief Enlisted Manager and Food Service Officer. Interesting twist...Got married on Okinawa. Still scuba diving, not flying, but still married and that's a plus.

There's my life in a nutshell. No regrets, lots of fun, lots of San Miguel.