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Glenn A. Miller

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Loved your USAFSS web site. I've passed the URL along to some other former USAFSS folks I know.

Just wanted to add that the 6910th was also in Augsburg but closed in '74 and was reactivated as the 6913th in '76 (the Army Security Agency stayed there in the interim). I was an MA at OLJA (later OLAA) 6910th SG (border site called Mt Eckstein or Rimbach) from '72-'75. Then I was at the 6940th at Goodfellow when the school still belonged to USAFSS and was called the USAF School of Applied Cryptologic Sciences. Later I was at the 6941 ESS at Fort Meade when the 40th was established there after ATC (AETC) took over the school at Goodfellow.

Glenn A. Miller