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Ed Thompson

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1965 - 1968 - 6922nd Security Wing.

Dodged the draft in Sep 63, tech school at Sheppard, Wichita Falls until Aug 64. Went to Langley AFB, VA until May 65 then went to the PI in June.

After the PI went to Darmstadt, Germany in Jan 69 until May of 71. Got out then because I hated Germany and declined to extend for the move to Augsburg.

Tried to get back in but the deal wasn't great, so I decided to tough it out as a civilian.

Went to work in Kansas City (repairing teletypes, what else), met my wife, got married. Also went to school and graduated from Rockhurst College with a degree in accounting. Moved back to KY (it was home) with a wife and two daughters (wanted to raise them in a small town) in 1978. Went to work for American Greetings selling greeting cards (what else would you do with an accounting degree?), been doing it ever since.

One daughter is working for Walt Disney World in Orlando, she's married a little over a year, no kids.

One daughter a junior-senior at Univ of Ky, married six months, no kids.

Broke my heart when the volcano blew.

Spent 3 1/2 great years in the PI. Was actually in the Support Group (Tty Maint. 363x0). Mostly worked the Day Shift, but did some time on Dawg Flight. Hung around the dirty dozen for awhile, then Remy's Place became HQ. It was right outside the main gate and you could practically crawl to the Rabbit Station. But frequented almost every other bar including the Little Brown Jug, Rabbit, Virgie's and other forgotten ones.

Best friend in the PI was Rawley Burns, a clerk typist in the Support Group. We still correspond once in a while. He owns a tack and feed store (big) in Boring, Or. We shared a house in New Balibago for about a year.

A lot of good friends are long forgotten, but I remember John-john, Jim Delaney, Oz Cartwright, Sgts. Linehan, Allen, Gilmore.

I was on the Cobra Den board of directors in 1966, or maybe 67. It was just after it moved. When I got there the Den was located in what became the TV room. What became the Den was a transient barracks, all new arrivals went there pending flight assignments. You couldn't get a town pass for a week, and at the time there was a curfew. The curfew was lifted shortly after I got there, probably within a month or two, but you had to sign out to Manila or Baguio if you weren't planning on getting back.

I had a 305 Yamaha there. Rawley Burns had a Suzuki X-6 Hustler and Oz Cartwright had a 175 Bridgestone. Most everyone else had a 90 or 250 Honda.

Old habits die hard, I now have a Honda V-65 Magna with an 883 Harley due to arrive in April.

Been reading the Margarita Ville web page, and it's a whole 'nother world there now. Still sounds like it might be fun for a TDY.