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Doug Radney

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Doug's e-mail address is:

1966-67 Clark AB, Charlie Flight 202
1967-70 Darmstadt Baker Flight 202
1970-72 AFSPCOMCEN, Kelly AFB
1976-79 Berlin Dawg Flight 208
1980 HQ ESC (Alert Center)
1981-84 Berlin Charlie Flight S&W Supe

1985-87 GTE Government Systems Intelligence Analyst
1987-89 Lockheed Missiles & Space Technical and Product Reporter
1989-96 Lockheed Martin Astronautics Flying satellites
1996-97 Logicon Geodynamics Software Engineer
1997-?? Software Technology Inc. Software Engineer

Married - three kids (28, 19, 17)
Just about tired of working for a living
Ran across my Cobra Den beer mug the other day and had a beer from it just for old time's sake - not San Magoo, but here in Arizona one must improvise.