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David Huffman

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David's e-mail address is:

Currently living in the United States

USAF Assignments - 292X1 - 1956-1960

Been a few years since anyone said "dittybop" and I find it humorous. I forgot where I found your email address, even though I bookmarked the page and can find it.

I called one of the guys with whom I worked at the 6922nd, and with whom I went to Okinawa, and he told me he is a member of the FTVA. I'll have to go back to the home-page and get serious.

I contend that going to Japan was one of the best things that happened to me. I met another culture, (and learned to respect all cultures), learned a language, became a drunk and really learned to fornicate. Phew. Quite a job for an 18 year old guy.

But it was great.

Only spent 4 years but they formed my opinions on many subjects.

Gotta go, for the moment, but will keep in touch.