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Dave Corkrey

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Currently living in London, Ontario, Canada

USAF Assignments - RY202X0 - 1961-1970

1961-1962 Karamursel, Turkey

Baker Flight. Between party trips to Istanbul, and ski trips to Uludag (and raki) it is hard to remember and so long ago. Modular housing was coming into being, since they were all in boxes along the unused runway.

1962-1963 Iraklion As, Crete

Once again, flight work after the "three T" trip. If anyone remembers, it was "Turkey, Texas, Turkey" for NCO Academy at Goodfellow. Except they swapped the last Turkey for Crete.

1964-1967 Clarke AFB, Philipines

Day worker, and really enjoyed it, except for the Rainy season, and the occasional Typhoon. Thoughts of Blue Moon Beach, Bagio, and piles of Lumpia with San Miguel chasers.

1967-1970 Darmstadt, Germany

Flight work again. Too many NCOs. Trips to Paris, Amsterdam, etc. Car racing (Ford Mustangs, Cobras) The only regret was that I left before they moved the station to Munich. Missed the Olympics.

After that, went into the electronics field. Worked for Northeast Electronics (telephony test equipment). Went to school nights for my EE degree.

Then Stewart Warner Datafax as a field service engineer. Compuscan later with the same title, then Geoterrix (Ottawa, Canada) as an airborne engineer (geophysical research around the world).

Later joined Mitel (Ottawa) as Manager for Engineering Documentation. That lasted seven years.

Moved to London, Ontario to work for Cableshare as Manager of Documentation. Brief period after some down-sizing (400 to 26) where I taught programming and systems analysis for different schools. Finally ended up at Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions in London where I am a Tech Writer/Editor, Programmer Analyst, Web Administrator, and Systems Support Specialist depending on the time of day and the weather.

The move to Canada was precipitated by my meeting a wonderful Torontonian Newfie in the mountains of New Hampshire. We were married a year later. This occured immediately after leaving the service. Had an offer from the CIA to join as a GS-11 until they heard I was marrying a Canadian, eh? The usual round-about of good friendship with neighboring countries.

Have three wonderful children, a boy and two girls, now making their way in the world. And that, as Zorba the Greek would have said, "is the whole human catastrophe."