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Dennis J. Conklin

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Currently living in Stockton, New Jersey

USAF Assignments.
I transferred down to Clark in January '59 with a bunch of guys eager to escape the provincial confines of the 6927th at Onna Point on Okinawa -- visions of Manila, the Pearl of the Orient and all that. As I recall, they had a Ming operation going at the time, but that was all. We were supposed to set up the first R/T unit. I don't remember whether we succeeded or not, because between the heat and the San Magoo, my brain was completely addled (I recovered my sanity when later I shipped up to the 6987th at Linkou, Taiwan.) I dimly recall that we were placed in the tender care of the diminutive Lt. Willard, who had this notion that we would allow him to shoot us in the event of imminent capture by "the boys across the pond." Willard may have been the object of USAFSS's first fragging compact.

It's time to ziggy out of here -- t'oli poch'ang; tsaihui.
Dennis J. Conklin
39 Milltown Road
Stockton, New Jersey 08559