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Bill Pace


AF Specialty: 1N2X1 (formerly 207X1, ditty-bop)
Current Assignment: 67 OSS Kelly AFB, TX
6922 ESS; Clark AB; Baker Flight Morse and HFDF Op
Got married to my wife, Fe, while stationed here and had our first daughter, Jennifer (15). They don't make units like the double-deuce anymore. The mission was good, and my flight was super. I was able to go back to the PI several times later in my career during Okinawa 'phoon evacs and a couple of times on leave.

HQ ESC/INSB; Kelly AFB, TX; Security Clearance Analyst
6993 ESS (CSOC); Medina Annex; Kelly AFB; Morse Supervisor, and Unit OJT Manager Spent short two years here. HQ wasn't that bad a place as a SrA. Working at the 93rd (CSOC) was another story. Found out I'd made SSgt when I arrived and found out I made Tech before I left. Fe and I fell in love with San Antonio. Guess that's why we're back here now.

6990 ESG (6990 ESS); Kadena AB, Okinawa; Airborne Morse Op
Best assignment I've had. GREAT unit, excellent mission, beautiful beaches and weather. Some of the best people I ever had a chance to work with were at the 90th. Some of the best people I've worked with since were 90th alumni's at one point in their careers. We had our other two daughters, Sarah (11), and Kelly (10) here. Sewed MSgt on here.

6931 ESS; Iraklion AB, GR; Mission Supervisor, Flight Commander
Before I to PCS'd to Crete, all they ever talked about was the warm Mediterranean climate. I arrived on New Year's Eve 1991/1992 and there was sleeting rain. However spring/summer was outstanding! This could have been a MUCH better assignment if it wasn't for the fact I helped close this unit. I truly regret I didn't get out more to see more of Crete and the surrounding islands. When we left, Crete, we took a Ferry to Italy and drove through Europe on our way to our next assignment. We stayed in Venice, then drove down to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower, then Vicenza, Garmisch, Germany, Munich Germany, Brussels, Belgium, then Oostend, Belgium.

1993-1994; RAF Chicksands, UK; Mission Supervisor, Flight Commander
Great assignment, although so short. Traveled a lot with the family here. Saw all the castles and London icons. Took our COT leave and turned it into a trip to Paris for the family which was a super time (and it barely costs us anything out of our own pockets! It was a short year, but a VERY good year. We helped close this unit down too, which was sad. Chicksands and England were beautiful. I wish I'd made it there earlier on in my career.

1994-Present; 67 OSS; Kelly AFB, TX; Chief Contingency Planning,
Chief, Wing Exercises, Superintendent, Operations Training Flight.
Here we are living the "American dream." We bought a new house, two cars, a dog, and all the debt that comes along with that. I've had some great jobs and worked with some very good people on the 67 Intelligence Wing staff. Sewed on SMSgt here (finally). The kids finally have a place to call home--at least until the USAF moves us again! We love San Antonio and will most likely retire here. More to follow.

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