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Bill Allen No picture available

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Currently living in San Angelo,TX

Bill says:

I recall Vinnie Nash, he may remember me. In '56 I went to PI to whatever group/wing we were at the time and then went to Det 1 which was Linkou. Next trip was '59 and spent all my time in Den, NCO Club, and all those gemjoints in Angeles. Also spent a lot of time in quality surroundings in Manila, Hotel Filipinas, political figures and actresses. Lost several watches from my wrist, missed curfew a couple of times. Last tour (married for first time) and I spent my time cleanly and trouble free. Lots of meals at Papagallos in Angeles City resulting from 2d tour at said location in Maynila, where I sang regularly with the owner's husband, who also liked scotch and san miguel. Can't reminisce too much. Lots of old friends were there many times, Tiger Lyons, Joe Graves, the SNCO Mafia chiefs who ran the Carabao Club, football coaches and winning teams, party times at base hotel when nurses moved in and my buddy Joe was the manager (when he lost his clearance for DWI, during one of the many purges). 'Nuff already. Bill Allen in San Angelo sends.

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